Sample of our High Quality Pendants & Necklaces


#8 Turquoise highly prized for its
uniquely beautiful appearance and its rarity.
Artist: Lucy Jake

Sterling Silver Turquoise Kokopelli Necklace.
Kokopelli represents the spirit of music.
Artist: Freddy Charley

Nevada Variscite.
This beautiful green stone typically contains black or brown spiderwebbing in the matrix.
Artist: John Nelson

Sterling Silver Kingman Turquoise.
An opaque, blue-to-green mineral,
rare and valuable in finer grades.
Artist: Phil Sanchez

Sunnyside Single Stone Heart Necklace.
Artist: Lucy Jake

Sunnyside Double Stone Heart Necklace
created using Dry Creek Turquoise.
Artist: Lucy Jake

Lovely #8 Turquoise with cut sides design.
Artist: Phil Sanchez

Sterling Silver Turquoise Necklace
created using high grade Kingman Turquoise.
Artist: John Nelson

#8 Turquoise Single Stone Necklace.
Artist: M Lee

Sidewinder Nevada Turquoise Necklace.
Artist: Phil Sanchez

5 Stone Charoite Necklace
accented with stamped beads.
Artist: Lucy Jake

Sidecut Turquoise Necklace
designed around Sterling Silver.
Artist: Phil Sanchez

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